Our Perfect World and How We Ruined It

Back in the beginning, the world was created perfect! Every person and every animal had all they needed for survival. The food was filled with nutrients and if a person ate from a proper variety, then he was healthy.


It was only when man became “smarter,” and figured there are ways of “improving” on the world, that illnesses entered the picture. Before that, there was no disease. Large scale plagues and infections are a different issue, most often caused by poor hygiene. But let’s talk about cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive system health, and all other areas of our physical wellbeing. Our health issues started when we began to mess with the food’s constitution.


The fact of the matter is, “When you redesign a ‘more perfect’ world according to your own wisdom, don’t complain when you have to deal with the problems that you yourself are creating.”


Back when people lived on farms, the food they ate came directly from their cow or chicken, and was authen­tically organic. It wasn’t homogenized, pasteurized, depleted of nutrients and then ‘fortified’; it was, in its natural state just as intended for our consumption – nutritious and healthy.


Think about the fresh glass of warm milk our grandparents used to drink in the morning, and the other glass that was served in the evening to aid in fall­ing asleep. “Old wives’ tale,” some would say, but the thing is – the milk actually did help. Why?


Our skeletal makeup needs lot of minerals, among them the calcium, magnesium and vitamin D that the milk supplied. We know that the cal­cium aids the body in relaxing and falling asleep, but there is actually inter­dependence with the nutrients. For instance, our bodies can’t absorb the necessary calcium without the magne­sium. Milk, in its pure state, with its naturally healthy content, was in per­fect balance. Therefore, the healthful calcium and magnesium, among other nutrients, aided the body in falling asleep.


So our grandparents apparently knew something that science seem­ingly forgot?


Exactly! We have to recognize that the food was perfect, once upon a time. Sure, there was less food, but it was healthy. So people ate less to satisfy themselves. There were no chemicals, obviously; chemicals were created by man.


The world is perfect.  Once upon a time there were no allergies. No one was allergic to cow’s milk. No one was allergic to eggs. We’ve even seen this recently, in our store we had some amazing sto­ries of customers who were allergic to eggs, but had no reaction to organic eggs.  It’s the genetic modification, the GMO, and other processes that our bodies cannot tolerate. Our produce is being ‘modified’ and sprayed with fungi­cides and pesticides, and that’s what’s causing all our illnesses.


Sure, the fungicides and pesticides are great for the farmer since they kill all the insects and worms that cause harm, but what damage does it do to us? We’re not tiny insects, and the effect is not immediately evident, but do we really believe that putting actual poison into our bodies won’t eventu­ally do damage?

Our wellbeing is so integral to our lives’ successes. It is our responsibility to consider the ramifications unhealthy eating has on our accomplishments.

Thankfully, today we have vitamins and supplements that can help fill in the gaps of the lack of nutrition in our food. However, the point is not to take additional supplements blindly. We need to know what we are taking, and why. We need to be educated about our health. Supplements can’t replace a bad diet. Supplements, as the word clearly says, merely supplement that which our current diets lack. But we need to first understand our bodies’ needs.


Our passion is to make people real­ize and understand that there is a way out of all our physical ailments, and that is to treat our bodies right. At Supreme we like to say We don’t just sell health, we help you live it!

Just remember that it isn’t just about adding years to your life, but life to your years, that matters. And we’d like to wish all of you a happy and healthy life!


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