To Give or Not to Give?

We, at Supreme Health, believe that doctors have their place in our world. But we need to know that our health is our responsibility, not the doctor’s. Eating healthy and taking the right supple­ments can boost our immune system, which in turn, cuts down doctor’s visits. We believe that every mother has a responsibility to have certain supplements in her home. When a child gets sick with an ear infection or cold, it’s important for the mother to know what she can do.


One of the supplements we recom­mend, for instance, is probiotics. This is for those times when, unfortu­nately, antibiotics might be necessary. In those cases, we need to be smart enough to understand what these antibiotics do to our bodies.


Our bodies function on both good flora and bad flora, and we need these bacteria to be in balance for optimal health. When the bad flora over­whelms the good flora, an infection can arise, and sometimes we need antibiotics to assist. But it’s important to note that antibiotics don’t discrim­inate, and they kill off both the bad as well as the good bacteria, leaving the immune system seriously compro­mised. That is why people sometimes end up going back to the doctor again and again, from one infection to the next, one medicine after another.


There is a way out, and that is the probiotics. Probiotics – provide healthy flora and restore the balance created within us. We need to keep in mind that the probiotics should be of good quality. Another important rule is to try not to take the probiotic at the same time as the anti­biotic, rather space them a few hours apart. Also, keep taking it for at least double the duration of the antibiotic.


It’s tragic indeed that so many doctors remain oblivious to the nutritional benefits of quality supplements, but there has been an awakening recently. Still, we have to realize that doctors really don’t learn much about health or nutrition in the medical schools. While many doctors have educated themselves on their own, for the most part, doctors were taught to treat the symptoms, while we in the health industry attempt to treat the cause.


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