There is a crime being committed against the world, and we call it the White Color Crime. These are the real white collar crimes, only these four White Color killers are far more sinister, hiding in our own homes.




White flour was developed because today’s generation is a ‘fast food nation.’ We want what we want, and we want it NOW! The agricultural industry figured out a way of making flour bake more quickly, but in the process, they dam­aged the structure and removed some of the key nutrients. One of the things they removed in the bleaching process was folate, not aware of what damage a lack of folate would create.


It was only after a sudden rise in birth defects and illnesses, that scientists discov­ered the damage folate deficiency could cause. They quickly attempted to repair the damage by ‘fortifying’ the flour with that which they took out. So they went back and fortified it with the manmade version, folic acid.


We need to realize that whole wheat, in its original form, contained the nutrients to feed us, like the fiber that is so necessary for digestion. Fiber works like a vacuum cleaner as it clears up the food trapped in our system. Without fiber, food literally gets stuck in our digestive tract, hence the sudden rise of previously unheard of gastrointestinal issues.


Most of the food we use nowadays is made from white flour: cookies, cakes and bread – it’s all white flour and white sugar.


Healthy breads exist. There are tasty breads with a blend of many grains, and that gives us so much sustenance. We need to remember that the millions of cells in our body need food, and they don’t recognize the junk that we man­ufactured. They recognize the food that is made by the same Creator that made them.



The second White Color criminal is white sugar.

Even in its original state, sugar isn’t an important addition to our diet. Many years ago the sugar cane was a delicacy reserved for royalty. Nowa­days, Americans consume an average of 160 pounds of sugar a year! To put that in perspective, just two hundred years ago, the average person ate around 4 to 6 pounds of sugar per year.


Sugar was meant to be a sweetener; it was never intended as a food in itself. Yet nowadays, sweets are considered a food category on their own. Natural sugar isn’t toxic, but in excess it could be detrimental.


Meanwhile people grab their sweet­ened coffee and danish for a ‘boost’ throughout the day, but while they get the sugar boost, they also crash shortly after. Because while the sugar wakes them up, the processed food then requires a lot of work from the body to digest it. When digestion is hard work, exhaustion, or what we know as a “sugar crash,” follows.


That’s also why people wake up still tired. Eating too late has the digestive tract working throughout the night, when really the digestion was supposed to have happened earlier. Digesting food while we sleep, does not make for a restful night.


All this is besides the known detri­mental effects that sugar causes, from the metabolic dysfunction, increased risk in diabetes, overwhelmed liver, to elevated triglycerides, blood pressure and LDL levels. Sugar, even in its natu­ral state, is truly not a necessary nutrient; the artificial sugar substitutes are usually just as bad, or worse. Thankfully, there are a handful of choices of natural sub­stitutes that taste like real sugar.



It is such a pity that we are deprived of the beau­tiful and healthful natural state of salt. Most people don’t even know what real natural salt looks like! The original version of salt actually looks pink in color, and has over 70 minerals. These are healthy! Even people who are told not to eat salt because of high blood pressure can eat “real salt.”

The salt what we get on our tables is sim­ple sodium, and sodium alone is a killer.



Similar to the deple­tion of nutrients and fiber in white flour, white rice was just made prettier and quicker to cook, at the price of the nutritional benefits.


The reason we elab­orated so much on the importance of what we eat is because vitamins are only supplements. When we eat junk food, then supplementing can’t help much.


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